What are Huggie earrings & why you need a pair in your jewellery collection

Lorraine Carroll

Huggie earrings have become increasingly popular, not just for their look but also for their practicality.

As huggie earrings are a lot smaller, they can be more comfortable to wear. They are less likely to pinch or stab you when you are doing everyday tasks. This is because their closed loop lever back makes the earring hoop continuous with no sticking out parts.

The style of huggies is a big part of their appeal. They are small, meaning they do not draw a lot of attention, making them perfect for work. As they will not get into tangles, it also makes them a good option if you have an active job where you don’t want to risk getting a larger earring caught.

The huggie earring tends to be a cleaner, more minimal look so is perfect to pair with countless outfits and other pieces of jewellery.

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