Stylish earrings for older ladies

Lorraine Carroll

Finding age-appropriate earrings is just as difficult for older ladies as it is for kids and teenagers, and it can be hard to find the right pair of earrings that help you achieve the look you’re after.

Here’s the reality: Earlobes (and ears) grow forever. Earlobes are made of connective tissue and skin and fat and can get saggy (like other body parts) in the aging process.

If you’ve been a fan of statement earrings over the years, some of these styles have a bit of weight to them and can pull on your earlobe. This can cause earlobes to stretch as we get older, especially if we’ve been wearing earrings for many years. If you have pierced ears, you may even notice that the pierce hole itself is a bit stretched.

To have a more youthful appearance, avoid wearing earrings that pull your earlobe down. Look at the piercing in your earlobe; if it looks stretched with your earring in, you may want to consider retiring that pair.

Some people mistakenly think that finding earrings for older ladies means looking for the most boring, simple pieces available. However, women in their golden years deserve timeless, stunning jewellery that reflect their wisdom in choosing what looks best for them.

Here are some key descriptions to look for when picking out a pair of earrings for older ladies:

Vintage - The best way to get that authentic vintage vibe is to bust out some earrings from the family heirloom treasure box. All the best jewellery pieces get better with age like fine wine. For everyday use, go for pairs that are elegant yet subtle and understated. For special occasions, pick out pairs with a bit of bling for that extra oomph.

Simply timeless - Certain types of earrings never go out of style and suit any age group. These include classic diamond shapes and studs, which work for any occasion and go with any style of clothing. There’s no age limit to classic pieces.

Elegant - Regardless of where you’d be wearing the earrings and for what purpose, most ladies prefer elegant and sophisticated designs. Sophisticated pieces tend to add a less is more feel that brings out your beauty and style.

Final Thoughts

We are not in the business of dictating or limiting what earrings older ladies should or should not wear. The rules and style guides mentioned are merely suggestions to steer you in the right direction — but at the end of the day, there is only one golden rule in fashion: You do you.

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