How your Heir Jewellery is created

Lorraine Carroll

Each earring and necklace design starts with a generic or hand drawn design which is made into a file that our laser cutter can work with. My own designs are unique and will be limited pieces. Once the design is cut from leather, I take over the process. Each piece is cleaned, sealed and then foiled by hand before a final seal and finishing which involves a process of ensuring that any excess foil is removed carefully by hand with a scalpel.

Scraps of leather that are left behind from the cutting process are cut into smaller confetti pieces. These are used to make our collection of silver plated leather studs. We’re reducing waste while creating something new – how good is that!

Over the past 9 months I've produced many samples and searched Australia wide to find the right leather (you wouldn't believe how many types of leather I've tested!) not to mention hunting down a  material that was of a high quality and suitable for using on leather.

All our jewellery is handmade in Brisbane from my studio in the western suburbs. The leather and components are all sourced in Australia.

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